Mastering Tana Core (by Cortex Futura)

Mastering Tana Core (by Cortex Futura)

Introducing Tana Fundamentals - a course for a beginner. A step-by-step guide and examples are included in this 100% free resource.

This course is from Cortext Futura by Lukas.

A free beginner's course! Explore Tana's basics—nodes, fields, supertags, and more—with step-by-step instructions. Transform from a blank workspace to mastering Tana's power by the end.

Course Summary

  1. Orientation (Lesson 1)
    Dive into Tana's beautiful UI for a simple but essential start, exploring its tricks.
  2. Everything is a Node (Lesson 2)
    Learn about nodes—creating, linking, embedding, and using different Views. Begin building a reading and note-taking workflow.
  3. Data about Nodes (Lesson 3)
    Discover Tana's unique feature of attaching data directly to nodes. Explore 'is-a' and 'has-a' for powerful workflows.
  4. Search in Tana (Lesson 4)
    Master Tana's advanced search capabilities, making it the go-to for all your note-taking needs.
  5. Supertag Basics (Lesson 5)
    Uncover the power of supertags—taking tagging to the next level for enhanced organization.
  6. Supertag + Search = 🤯 (Lesson 6)
    Delve deep into nesting searches and supertags. Combine them for an immersive experience, making Tana your ultimate tool.

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