In summary, this comprehensive guide is divided into four main parts:

PART 1: Building

Learn how to set up your Ghost publication, publish your first post, build your audience through subscriber signups, send effective email newsletters, and optimize feature image previews.

PART 2: Publishing

Discover unconventional ways to find your niche, explore six types of newsletters to start, follow pre-publishing and post-publishing guides for new writers, and master the art of repurposing content like a professional.

PART 3: Growth

Explore content strategies to grow your audience from scratch, adopt successful creator strategies to build trust with customers, and achieve milestones like getting your first 100 and 1,000 email subscribers.

PART 4: Business

Delve into subscription business metrics for publishers, ask crucial questions before pricing your subscription newsletter, enhance email open rates, and implement conversion strategies to turn more readers into paid members.