High-converting Multilingual Ghost Theme

High-converting Multilingual Ghost Theme

Building high-converting multilingual websites and newsletters - Generating unlimited revenue from worldwide customers.

When you finish installing the TanaFlows theme, the multilingual feature will not be enabled by default. This is because not everyone uses a multilingual website.

Language switch button after activation

Language switch button after activation

To enable multilingual feature you must have 2 sites:

  1. Main language site -https://domain.com
  2. Second language site -https://domain.com/en/

Configure the two sites as follows:

Main site configuration

Go to Setting > Design > Site-wide and enter the language of the second site in the Other language field. In the case of the demo below the second site is en-https://domain.com/en/

Add en in the Other language field

Add ento field Other language

Second language site configuration

Go to Setting > Design > Site-wide , enter:

  • Other language : the main language of your site, the demo is vithe same as the main language of ghostFam
  • Secondary site : URL of your main site, demo is https://ghostfam.comwithout the /trailing accent
Declare the main site information for the second site

Declare the main site information for the second site

Save and check if the site has a language switch button (refresh browser Ctrl + Shift + R).


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