High-converting Multilingual Ghost Theme

High-converting Multilingual Ghost Theme

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Hyvor Talk Comment
Hyvor Talk Comment

About Hyvor Talk

Hyvor Talk is the best commenting platform for blogs with a lot of advanced features such as SSO, membership, anti-spam, moderators, multi-language,... and super fast comment loading speed.

Price of Hyvor Talk
Price of Hyvor Talk

You need a Hyvor Talk account to use with the TanaFlows theme, create a new Hyvor Talk account .

To save you Pageviews resources, TanaFlows has set loading=lazy, so that bounce visits don't count pageviews usage.

Install Hyvor Talk for TanaFlows theme

After you have an account, you create a new site and get the Website ID

New Add Site - HyvorTalk dasboard
Add website

Website ID will be in the form of 4 digits, for example:2352

Then go to Setting > Design > Post > Comment provider > Select HyvorTalk > 3rd comment id > fill 2352

Note: 2352 just Demo, you need to fill in your Website ID instead.

Fill your own Website ID and choose HyvorTalk provider
Fill your own Website ID and choose HyvorTalk provider

Save and done!


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