High-converting Multilingual Ghost Theme

High-converting Multilingual Ghost Theme

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Landmarks, or breadcrumbs, are an important factor in building an SEO-optimized website because breadcrumbs provide an easy-to-understand navigation system for both users and Google bots, making it easy to navigate within your site's structure.

Breadcrumbs displayed on Google results page
Breadcrumbs displayed on Google results page

Why are breadcrumbs important?

  1. User Locator : Breadcrumbs show the user's browser route, helping them know where they are on your site and how to return to previous pages.This improves the user experience and makes it easier for them to find information.
  2. SEO Optimization : Google and other search engines positively value the use of breadcrumbs because it provides a good data structure for your website.Enhancing your site structure will help search engines better understand your content and can improve your site's ranking in search results.
  3. Reduce bounce rate : Breadcrumbs make it easy for users to return to previous items they viewed on your site.This reduces bounce rate and increases browsing time, as users can browse multiple related items easily.
  4. Increase Internal Linkability : Breadcrumbs provide internal links between related pages on your website.This helps increase internal linking, helping the different pages of your site effectively link together.

With the Ghost Tanaflows theme, breadcrumbs integration not only improves the user experience, but also provides important SEO benefits, helping your website stand out and attract attention from users and search engines.

Breadcrumbs are now available on every page of your site when using the TanaFlows theme including

  1. Blog page
  2. Change page
  3. Theme page
  4. Single article
  5. Single page
  6. ...

At the same time, Tanaflows will automatically create a schema structure for each page to help you better SEO.

How to check breadcrumbs valid or not?

Google provides a tool for you to check by following the link below.You just need to paste any page of your site to check the data structure of the breadcrumbs.

Rich Results Test - Google Search Console


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