High-converting Multilingual Ghost Theme

High-converting Multilingual Ghost Theme

Building high-converting multilingual websites and newsletters - Generating unlimited revenue from worldwide customers.

Sliders in Blog Page

Featured articles will be displayed on the slider, making it easy for users to access and discover interesting content right from the top of the page.

A maximum of 3 latest features can be displayed
Feature Articles will automatically display on Blog Page
Feature Articles will automatically display on Blog Page

Slider provides a great user experience, making browsing through important articles more convenient and enjoyable than ever.

By increasing the interactivity and attractiveness of the Blog site, Tanaflows believes that readers will feel more interested in discovering the diverse content that the website has to offer.

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Author bio will be limited to 200 characters. You can update your profile on the ghost dashboard. The banner image can be a Twitter banner or a 600x200px image.